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Honest, authentic, and faith-filled, are not typically words used to describe a law firm. Yet, that’s exactly who we are at Lampkin Law Firm, LLC. As a firm deeply rooted in integrity and service, we believe everyone deserves excellent legal counsel and representation.

Each case is different, and each client receives the personal attention that is essential to achieving successful outcomes.

At Lampkin Law Firm LLC, we offer legal guidance, from a Kingdom-minded perspective. You can trust our relentless commitment to delivering honest, authentic and effective legal counsel for whatever your legal concern may be.

• Legal Guidance from a Kingdom-minded perspective
• Sensitivity towards our clients
• Commitment and dedication
• Licensed and experienced attorneys
• Flexibility to work around your needs
• Open communication
• Accurate assessment of your claim
• Attention to detail

We Care

Our firm is designed to take care of our customers legal concerns. That includes offering free consultations and discounted rates for our services.

Our Lawyers

Our lawyers are board-certified specialists in South Carolina and North Carolina, with extensive experience in several practice areas.

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